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Gizeh Maradjon innen: A városról: The oldest of the wonders, and, curiously, the only one that has reached us, is the monumental set of pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

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We have all heard of them and know their appearance, just as we know they were the tombs of the Pharaohs. But let's get closer, and find out some interesting egyiptomiak know. In fact, the oldest known is the stepped pyramid of Sakkara, tomb of Pharaoh Djoser, dating from BC. The architect inventor of the pyramid was the great Visir, and famous sage, Inhotep. After this first example, the Egyptians continued to build pyramids well into the Middle Kingdom, where they used the underground tomb instead of the pyramids.

Nevertheless, of the Old Empire we have remained no less than eighty of these, distributed by Lower Egypt.

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Let us now imagine that we are present in the burial suite of Pharaoh Khufu. A light boat transports us on the Nile from egyiptomiak know ancient capital, Memphis, to the necropolis of its suburbs, on the vast plain of Giza.

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There burial constructions abound, because it is the cemetery where all the inhabitants of the capital, nobles or villains go. Our boat stops: a group of priests awaits us on the shore.

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Behind, awaits the temple built especially for our pharaoh, where he will worship as a god is he not of a divine nature? This is where the pharaoh's body is conveniently prepared and introduced into the sarcophagus.

Afterwards, a delegation takes him along a funeral path to his grave. We already see the pyramids.

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Its impressive mole stands out over the horizon of the plain, leaving us open-mouthed. All that is stone!

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Uncommonly heavy blocks of granite, one meter high, form the rows so tightly that it is not possible to introduce a knife between them. The rows of stones are painted, forming bands of different colors; The tip is golden.

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All the pyramids, absolutely all, have the same alignment: they are oriented to the north with total egyiptomiak know. The sides of the pyramid have an impressive slope of 51 degrees, which when we get closer we get the feeling that the pyramid "falls" on top of us. In the surroundings, there are the smaller pyramids and the rectangular buildings of inclined walls for the high officials.