Maffia know

Irie Maffia: Understand And Overstand Understand And Overstand I be the one name sena Im a conscious daughter I read from the present and see pun de future our generation got a real problem matter If we cant change the shit thatwe have gathered the music remains our flame and our fire. Make we never steal nor pretend.

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Oh you just cannot deny, we are putting at stake, every drop of our fire when we spitting out hate. Can you Stop to think, what your moral dictates, where your energy flies when you are making mistakes?

If we rushing like mad up against the tides we shall learn the hard way, realize, the hardest maffia know they make us maffia know, but that don't mean to say that we've won the prize.

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Eager to fight and them eager to take. Eager to steal all their powers to win But they cant understand it, cant comprehend that they will burn.

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Burn out yeah, burn down yeh, burn out yeh. Bad boy deal wid Almighty nuh deal wid Satan Uno fi know Columbwoy a european Me have me own style soft like the silk Columbwoy ah likkle youth man, white like di milk But when me chat inna di mic, all dj big up mi skill Becau maffia know people inna di dance a loud and not still When me move inna London, di people was nice, When me run dem mi rhyme demma ask it fi twice Dem say Columbwoy you are smart and wise Your style a di wikidest soon you a go rise.

Hallgass bele.

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