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The Meet-the-Expert Sessions focused on unique issues related to early career scientist career development and gave attendees the opportunity to interact with experts in key areas of immunotherapy.

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Experts answered questions and lead informal dialogue during a series of informal networking events to help provide guidance and career advancement advice. Lynda Chin, MD Please provide a brief biography of your career and explain the position you currently hold. I am a member of the National Academy of Medicine and a cancer genomics scientist with over scientific publications.

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I am currently President and CEO of Apricity Health, a next-generation precision medicine company I co-founded, with a mission to harness patient deep data and world-class clinical expertise at points of care to bridge the divide between academic and real-world medicine.

A graduate of Brown University, I attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine during which I női flört haj molecular biology research in parallel of my clinical training, first at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in internal medicine then at Montefiore Medical Center in dermatology. I began my independent career as a solo practice dermatologist, learning first-hand what it meant to provide care on the front lines, an experience that has influenced my future career, particularly my passion to leverage technology to enable evidence-based care in the real-world setting.

I conducted research spanning mouse models of human cancers, cancer genomics, functional genomics and personalized medicine.

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Internationally, I have been kedvezmények saarland in the International Cancer Genome Consortium since its inception. InI joined MD Anderson Cancer Center as the founding new york meet of the first Department of Genomic Medicine, with a focus on developing platform capabilities to accelerate the translation of scientific advances and democratization of care through technologies, data and analytics.

Inforeseeing the need for a new model to harness real-world health and health-related data, I created the Institute for Health Transformation as the Chief Innovation Officer for Health Affairs at the University of Texas System. REDI connects and facilitates data sharing across community stakeholders, from federally qualified health center, retailers to telecommunication company, with the goal of improving chronic care of the vulnerable populations.

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A mother of 3 teenagers, I am a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded cancer therapeutics and biomarker new york meet.

In response to the COVID pandemic, Apricity has developed an end-to-end digital solution for workplace and school COVID monitoring and risk management, with interoperable connection to virtual care of those affected to ensure timely intervention and health outcome.

What does a normal work week look like for you? A normal work week in pandemic time involves non-stop virtual meetings - with potential customers, strategic collaborators both industrial and academic as well new york meet investors.

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The most fun and challenging part of my job is to understand what tech can do versus what medicine needs in order to build something that is value-added, and can be adopted and paid for The biggest difference between my normal work week now compared to my years in academia is the fact that, every meeting New york meet have involves action and decision with impact.

No committee discussion anymore. What do you enjoy about your career now, and is there anything you wish you would have done differently during your career path? What I enjoy most is doing what I want to do, trying something new and never been done before, and not having a bureaucracy to deal with. Please provide a brief summary of what topics you would like to cover at your table. We will discuss and answer questions about opportunities to apply one's new york meet or scientific knowledge to industry, what factors to consider, and how to build a startup.

William Redmond, PhD Please provide a brief biography of your career and explain the position you currently hold.

Meet-the-Expert Sessions

Currently, my laboratory seeks to elucidate the mechanisms by which various immunotherapies augment CD8 T cell-mediated anti-tumor immunity and to identify biomarkers of response in cancer patients receiving immunotherapy treatments that may help identify those most likely to benefit from this approach. As Director of the EACRI Immune Monitoring Laboratory, I also oversees translational research efforts seeking to develop and implement state-of-the-art immune profiling assays for the evaluation of anti-tumor immunity in cancer patients.

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Jason Luke, MD Please provide a brief biography of your career and explain the position you currently hold. I specialize in the management of patients with melanoma and early phase drug development particularly novel immunotherapeutics and biomarkers of immunotherapy activity. My major research translational research is focused on using large scale informatics to advance the field of cancer immunotherapy.

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I received my M. I have served as the chair of the education committee and as a member of the scientific committee for the melanoma track of the ASCO annual meeting. There were many points in my career path where I might have chosen another direction but I love what I do and am enormously grateful to be in the position that I am. That being said, I continue to have many interests within oncology and beyond. Especially new york meet these uncertain times - who knows what the future holds!

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Mentorship, organizational approaches, expectation setting, and realistic goals to advance ones career by station. Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, MD, PhD Please provide a brief biography of your career and explain the position you currently hold. I focus her clinical and laboratory efforts on the study of breast cancer with a specific interest in immunotherapy. I have been the principal investigator on numerous trials investigating cancer vaccines, including the phase III PRESENT study evaluating a CD8 T-cell-eliciting vaccine in the adjuvant setting, and an investigator-initiated multicenter phase II trial investigating vaccination in combination with trastuzumab in HER2-positive patients.

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I am also the principal investigator on two investigator-initiated presurgical studies evaluating immune checkpoint blockade agents in breast cancer patients. The current focus of my laboratory work is determining the impact of standard and experimental therapies on immunologic aspects of the tumor microenvironment to inform rational trials of immunotherapeutic agents in breast cancer.

I am also investigating novel targets for vaccine strategies. Meet képeskönyv témában addition to my work evaluating breast tumor immunology and immunotherapy, I have published extensively on a multitude of subjects related to breast cancer and surgical management of the disease, to include incorporation of biologic factors into staging, management of the axilla, and surgery following receipt of neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

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I spend a half day in the clinic and full day in the OR. The remainder of my time is spent overseeing research activities - for my own lab group, the larger Breast Oncology Program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the Department of Surgery at the Brigham and Women's Hospital. I enjoy being in a position where I can mentor and sponsor more junior faculty members and trainees.

Related to this, I enjoy helping to establish programs and infrastructure that facilitate research being done by mentees and other members of our Breast Oncology Program.

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I am happy to cover any topics of interest to those at the table but would suggest that, as a physician scientist, I would be well positioned to discuss: 1 balancing clinical and research responsibilities, 2 leveraging access to patients to perform impactful research, and 3 how to navigate barriers in establishing a career as a physician scientist.

Rieneke van de Ven, PhD Please provide a brief biography biztonságos társkereső your career and explain the position you currently hold.

A Financial Place FiDi helymegbeszélő postaköltsége követi a szobabérleti platform debütáló helyét Tel-Avivban, amely ban nyílt meg.

My research focuses on understanding the tumor microenvironment and immune suppressive features of head and neck cancers. While the group mostly focuses on studying human head and neck cancers, some in vivo mouse studies are being performed.

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I am involved with the organisation of courses and delivery of seminars for Bachelor and Master courses within the VU university and the training of Bachelor and Master students in the lab.

I obtained my PhD degree in after training at the VUmc department of Pathology and did my first postdoc at that same institute at the department of Medical Oncology in the lab of Prof. Tanja de Gruijl.