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Shipping costs You will not be charged for any shipping fee for All orders above You get not just a product for Your money.

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It comes with a years old history and art value. Most items hand-gilded with 21 karat gold.

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You can find many fully hand painted products in Our range. Hollohazi porcelain sets can be replaced individulally. So If You brake a single plate We can send a new one for You. If Your item is on porcelán nő know delivery normally takes maximum days after Your order has been placed.

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If You have an urgent inquery please write It in the notes, when You place Your order. If the item is not on stock We need to produce them. Usally It takes an additional 2 weeks maximum.

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Delivery takes much a longer time for hand painted items as We always need to produce them. Normally It takes days and an additional days to deliver It to You.

We are always glad to give exact dates to You through e-mail. Our team members have got many year of experience in packaging. Our main priority is to get the item to the shipping adress with no damage. Therefore We use the best possible packaging devices and tools.

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We usally wrap each items into bubble wrap, then we put cardboard sheets porcelán nő know them and then We fill the box with flexible moving foam to avoid any damages. Therefore We are allways here to assist You in any kind of matter or question. We always answer Your questions within 24 hours time. Also We are glad to help You with palcing Your order through phone or e-mail.

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We have never had any issues in the past which has not been resolved and This is Our target in the future as well. We try to do everything to avoid damages, but somethimes could happen Hollohazi Manufaktura Ltd. Please inspect all items on the same day of delivery and contact Us immediately If You see any damages.

We can only accept complaint maximum 24 hours after the delivery.

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As soon as We recieved the broken pieces We send the new items for You for free. Bizonyság társkereső ship Worldwide.

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Please contact Us If Your adress in a special place such as island before placing Your order. We are allowed to ship all countries exluding U. So If You live there please try to contact Them. We retail first class product only. You can find the original Hollohazi logo on the bottom of each porcelain.

Also it has a red circle with a number one inside it. It means first class product.

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Also You will recieve a quality certificate with Your item. Yes, there are quite a few items which can bew used in microwave and dishwasher. You will see If Your item is suitable in these machines at the product description.

If You still need help You can contact Us through e-mail.