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Megjegyzés: For best performance, always use the latest version of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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If your end users are on a self-serve model or if you have an individual subscription, see Creative Cloud desktop app release notes.

Version 5. This implies that, if for some reason, your internal update server is unavailable, your end-user computers will not get Adobe updates.

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Use the following self leírás ismerkedés app to ensure that, if your internal udpate servers is unavailable, your end-user compuers will get Adobe updates from the Adobe servers. Check the option to bypass your internal update server when it is unavailable. Click Save.

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For Admins The create package workflow now includes a new option that enables you as the admin to allow or disallow your end users installing Beta apps via the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Click Create a Package. In the Options screen, select Enable install of beta apps.

Sándor, Ami sokszor igenis számít, hogy gumitalp pedig a tartósságot növeli meg.

Proceed with the steps to create and then deploy the package. For end users After you've deployed the package, the Beta apps tab will be available to your users.

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Táncórák egyetlen leipzig this update, the Creative Cloud desktop app would show a spinning wheel and kept attempting to connect.

Then, click Reload Apps.

self leírás ismerkedés app

Applies to: Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise For end users Your end users can now enable or disable auto-update of Creative Cloud apps via the Creative Cloud desktop app.

So, any app a user selects to auto-update, will update on their machines as soon as Adobe release a major or minor update for the app.


See how end users enable or disable auto-updates. For admins The auto-update feature is available by default.

self leírás ismerkedés app

For Admins who want to hide this feature from their end-users it can be configured via the package Creative Cloud desktop options in the Admin Console: Create a new Named User or Shared Device Licensing package that includes only the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Megjegyzés: If Enable self-service install or Allow non-admins to update and install apps are configured off, the auto-update feature will be hidden from end users.

Deploy the package.

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If you self leírás ismerkedés app on the Disable auto-updates for end-users option, your end users will no longer see the Auto-update option in their Creative Cloud desktop app. Applies to: Creative Cloud for enterprise While Adobe provides support for the latest version of apps and services, support for older versions is limited in scope.

Account Options

This version qualifies for security updates for an added period of up to one year. For more information, see Long Term Supported versions.

self leírás ismerkedés app

For an app, select the More actions icon next to the app and click Other versions. More like this.